Brief History

The Youth Development Ministry started as a unit in the Deputy Governor’s office in 1980, and then it moved to Ministry of Information, Youth and Culture then to Youths/Sports Bureau, then to Ministry of Youths and Social Welfare, then to Ministry of Women Affairs and Youth Development then Ministry of Youth Development & Economic Empowerment. Continue Reading

Mission And Vision


Preparing the youths for present and future challenges to achieve socio-cultural and economic well-being for selfless service, responsibility citizenship and effective leadership.


To empower the Rivers State Youth to become self reliant and socially responsible indigenes of the State


  1. To articulate relevant programmes of action for Youth development in Rivers State.
  2. Design guidelines for youth development activities in the State.
  3. Coordinate and monitor youth development activities at the State, Local Government Area levels of Government and the collaborative partners.
  4. Create opportunities for the youth to be involved in decision-making processes in the matters that affect them, the environment and society.
  5. Inculcate in the youth, human right values, social justice, equity, fairness and gender equality.
  6. Promote conducive atmosphere for mental, emotional and physical development of the youth.
  7. Provide adequate funding for the non-formal training of the youth in life skills.
  8. Collaborate with all stakeholders for the funding of youth activities.

Pictures of Completed Programes Organized by the Ministry

Welding and Fabrication

Conflict Resolution

Tailoring/Fashion Design

Computer Training

Capacity Building Workshop

Youth Holiday Camp