To deliver efficient, effective and speedy response to all natural and man-made disasters which include but not limited to Fire Outbreaks, Flood Disasters, Building Collapse, Boat Mishap, Air Crash, Ethnic Conflicts, etc.


To be the comprehensive one-stop Government Ministry responsible for policies, planning, management and infrastructural/logistical support for the provision of Fire Safety, Emergency/Disaster Management and other related services in Rivers State.


To deliver value to Rivers People through the provision of timely response to all disasters.

The ministry of Special Duties is committed to provide leadership in the development of risk reduction measures and disaster management in Rivers State by providing the Fire Service and Emergency/Disaster Management Departments with accurate, complete and time tested infrastructure and information designed to facilitate safety and security, promote disaster and fire management efficiency, and capacity to adequately discharge any exigent function of Government assigned to it.


The vision/policy objectives of Ministry of Special Duties:

i.  To bring about relief to distress people and situation.

ii. To extend fire service facilities to the grassroot.

iii. To have a safer, sustainable and resilient society.


To address emergencies and provide succor to the victims.