Ministry of Budget & Economic Planning

Hon. Isaac Kamalu

Executive Head

About The Ministry of Budget & Economic Planning

The ministry of budget and economic planning was created by the  administration of Dr. Peter Odili in June 2003 out of the old ministry of finance and economic planning.


  • To provide statistical data and  informaation needs of Rivers State through sustainable development in a proactive, coordinated and well managed system, using international best practices.
  • To ensure and provide sustainable economic growth and overall development of the State through effective planning and budgetary process. 


To institutionlaise a statistical and evidence-based, participatory plannning process that guarantees sustainable developmemnt and achieve a sound financial management through budgetary control, monitoring and evaluation. 


To ensure the existence of a robust statistical delivery system covering organizational, human, infrastructural and ICT development to bring about improved service delivery and overall development of the state.

To provide the state with well articulated long, medium and short-term development plans based on timely and reliable data;

To guide and coordinate all development efforts in the state including collaborations with development partners, donor agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other MDAs at state and national levels.

To ensure full implementation of planned programmes and projects through regular monitoring and evaluation.

To create a virile and diversified state economy that would ensure full participation of the private sector and create jobs for the teeming population of unemployed persons.

To instill discipline in the state financial management systems and administration for an enhanced accountability through budgetary controls.



For more information, visit: budget & economic planning.rvsg.gov.ng