Ministry of Agriculture

Executive Head

About The Ministry of Agriculture


To create conducive macroeconomic climate that stimulates greater private sector investment in agricultural and rural development, rationalizing the roles of the tiers of government, reorganizing the institutional frame work, implementing integrated rural development, increasing budgetary allocation, improving incentives to agriculture and promoting increased application of modern technology to agricultural production.


The Ministry of Agriculture has the responsibility of promoting farmer friendly agricultural policies with a view to achieving food security, developing the rural economy as well as to ensure conducive environmental security/protection for improved agricultural productivity.


To identify the agricultural potentials of the various communities using GIS.

Encourage farmers whose lands are contiguous to form co-operatives.

Encourage farmers whose lands are contiguous to form co-operatives.

Encourage Indigenous farmers by providing incentives

Enter into collaboration with research institutions to obtain improved seedlings and fingerlings.

Facilitate access to funds by Rivers State indigenes to establish agro-based and agro-allied industries.

Enter into partnership with private investors to engage in large scale farming activities.



For more information, visit: agriculture.rvsg.gov.ng