Ministry of Water Resources

Prof. Kaniye Ebeku

Executive Head

About The Ministry of Water Resources

The Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development was created in 1995 to be in charge of all issues relating to water resources in the State including water resources development, management and implementation of government policies in the sector.

Currently, the Ministry’s mandate includes: formulation of water resources policies; implement or monitor government policies on water resources; management of Water Resources information systems for the State including sourcing, analyzing, storing and dissemination of information; setting standards, regulating, supervising and controlling the use of all Water Resources in the State; overseeing Parastatals under it (Rivers State Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Agency and the Rivers State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency).

Other responsibilities include liaising with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources in the implementation of national policies and programmes, and overseeing Federal Government support in the Rivers State Water sector; coordinating the activities of External Support Agencies, NGOs, Oil Companies and other stakeholders involved in water supply in the State; and the supervision and monitoring of self-help development in the rural areas.


  • To formulate water resource policies and monitor the implementation of such policies in the state.
  • To source, analyse, store and disseminate information on the water resource data in the state.
  • To establish, monitor and oversee water parastatals of the ministry – the Rivers State Water Board and the Rural Water and Sanitation Agency.
  • To initiate and implement water supply projects in all areas of the state.
  • To liase with the federal government and international donor agencies on water supply and development for the benefit of the state.
  • To set standards, regulate, supervise and control the use of all water resources in the state.
  • Implementation and provision of water legislation/by-laws.
  • Collection and evaluation of hydrological and sociological data


Available, accessible,acceptable and affordable water for all.


To develop and manage sustainable water for people,(in line with the MDG goal of 10L per day per person), for food (agriculture and fisheries), and for industries in Rivers State.




For more information, visit: water resources.rvsg.gov.ng