Ministry of Women Affairs

Hon. Mrs. Ukel Oyaghiri

Executive Head

About The Ministry of Women Affairs

In time past, the call for improvement of the status of women gained global attention due to perceived deterioration and neglect of the womenfolk. The United Nations responded and called for the establishment of an institutional mechanism by member nations to address any perceived gender imbalance inherent in their immediate locality.
This, in Nigeria, gave birth to the National Commission for Women in 1989 with its upgrading in 1997 to a full-fledged Ministry. In Rivers State, the Government established the State Commission for Women in 1991 which was eventually upgraded to a full-fledged Ministry in 1997


The Vision of the Ministry is to build a society that guarantees equal access to wealth creation opportunities, develop a culture that places premium on protection of the Girl Child and focuses attention to both the Public and Private Sector on Issues that Promotes full Participations of Women in the development process.


The Mission Statement of the Ministry is to serve as the vehicle to bring about a speedy and healthy development of rivers women and girls in the mainstream of our developmental process.


Formulation of policies that promotes gender equality and empowering women

To identify problems militating against women and girls

To collaborate with government agencies to address societal issues that militates against the advancement of women

To provide career guidance and counselling

To provide mass literacy involving informal and functional literacy



For more information, visit: women affairs.rvsg.gov.ng