Ministry of Employment Generation & Empowerment

Executive Head

About The Ministry of Employment Generation & Empowerment

The Ministry started as Rivers State Employment Centre in 1992 and later became Employment Generation and Economic Empowerment Bureau. It finally metamorphosed into a full-fledged Ministry in July 2003.

In between, in March 23, 2000, His Excellency, Sir (Dr) Peter Odili passed the Rivers State Empowerment Law in which the Ministry was named Ministry of Employment Generation and Empowerment.


Our mandate is to promote jobs and generate employment opportunities for job seekers by formulating appropriate policies and implementing programmes and projects that harness and commercialize available natural and human resources, stimulate business investments as well as impart vocational and entrepreneurship skills that fit job seekers to opportunities in the labour market or to become the investor that employs self and others.

As the lead agency of government on employment matters, we have the responsibility to coordinate activities of implementing partners (employers) and facilitate their compliance to extant labour laws and related policies as well as produce official labour market statistics that will provide information to guide government and other stakeholders in policy decisions, programme design and intervention in the Sector.


To reduce unemployment and poverty and contribute to the efforts of building the Rivers State of enduring peace and prosperity for present and future generations.


To become a one-stop Job Solution Centre (JSC) that addresses the employment needs of job seekers, staffing needs of employers, develop skills and entrepreneurs and harness community resources to create wealth and prosperity and promote peace and stability in the State.